Simulation hypothesis

The simulation hypothesis states that we most likely live inside a computer simulation.

The argument goes like this: Computer games have gotten dramatically more realistic over the last decades. In comparison to Pong, modern 3D games look a lot like the real world, and VR games even go one step further. If we assume that the games get more realistic every year - even by a tiny bit - eventually they will be indistinguishable from reality. At that point, a lot people might have such simulation games in their video consoles.

Considering that we can't distinguish between being inside such a game and being in the "real world", and that there are many simulations, but only one real world, it is very likely that we are inside such a simulation.

I've recently heard one addition to this theory: The reality layer above ours, which runs our simulation, is probably really boring. When you look at games and movies produced by us, they always compress interesting stuff into a limited amount of time and space. Probably, the beings which created our simulation would have done the same, and made it more exciting or interesting than their reality.